Research Area

Research Area

Core Facilities


  • CUHK Campus

      Neuroscience Research Team (Core Laboratories)

      3/F, Lo Kwee-Seong Integrated Biomedical Sciences Building,

      Area 39, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin

  • Prince of Wales Hospital

      MRI Team

      LG/F, Sir Yue Kong Pao Centre for Cancer,

      Prince of Wales Hospital, Shatin


List of Equipment


CUHK Campus (page displaying equipment photos and description; to be updated)

Princes of Wales Hospital




The use of equipment is exclusive to CUHK’s neuroscience research projects.


Equipment located at GCNI Core Laboratories (Area 39 of CUHK) will be charged free for GCNI Associate Members and GCNI Faculty for CUHK neuroscience research projects.

Booking details for equipment use will be announced soon.


For MRI equipment located at PWH, please visit here for the booking and pricing details: